7 points to consider when hiring a cleaner for your home

Apr 15, 2021

With work and other obligations, you don’t have much time to do the housework! For some it may seem like a luxury but having a cleaner or cleaning service that regularly helps you save time, this might be a life saver.

But finding a trustworthy and good cleaner or cleaning service can feel challenging, especially if it’s your first time hiring. You are, after all giving a person full access to your home and this might be a bit uncomfortable.


But here are 7 points to help you hire the right cleaner:


1. Decide what kind of cleaning service you want.

What would suit you best, hiring a cleaning service or a private cleaner? There are advantages with both, a cleaning service may cost a bit more but they ensure that someone always shows up to clean and you aren’t responsible for the employee. Hiring a private cleaner may save you some money and you may be happier with having the same person coming each time.


2. Get recommendations.

No matter which option you would go with, you are going to want to hire them through recommendations. Your best resources for this would be family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Personal recommendations are the best way to get insight beforehand of a person’s work ethic and level of trustworthiness.


3. Set clear expectations.

Before you hire someone to clean your home, you should make a clear list of what you want and need done. This way your cleaner knows your expectations and you can make a realistic plan together.
Make sure your list is detailed and includes even the smallest job.


4. Schedule a meet-and-greet.

No matter if you’re hiring a service or an individual, you need to meet with the provider. Go through your list of needs and expectations. Do a complete room-by-room walk-through and explain what you are “picky” about and how you would like the cleaning done. Get an impression on how they handle this meeting for you to make further decisions.


5. Get a quote.

Cost for some might be on top of the list when making a decision and it is important to get a quote before hiring to compare.
But choosing a cleaner or cleaning service based on the lowest price might get you into trouble! Make sure to hire based on the service you need and is asking for, and if you set high expectations this would come at a higher cost.


6. Make sure to have a background check done.

A cleaner will be in your home on a regular basis and you want to know if they are trustworthy. Cleaning services should be able to verify that they have screened their employees for security risks and making sure they have valid work permits. But if you are not hiring through a company, make sure to get these documents provided from the potential cleaner before making any decision.


7. Availability and flexibility

When you know of how often you would need cleaning, you should check that your cleaner or cleaning service can provide those hours to you. A cleaning service may be more reliable and flexible as they have a team of employees to assist while with a private cleaner you may need to negotiate which days they will be available to work for you.


This might seem like a lot to take into consideration, but this will help you find the right person or company! Remember, this cleaner will be coming into your home so you want to be sure that you have found the right person or service that you feel the most comfortable with.

Whether you require a one-time cleaning, a monthly tidy-up or cleaning on a regular basis, VIDeMI can help!
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