10 Cleaning tips to save you time and energy

Mar 3, 2021

We complete household chores on autopilot, but what if there was a quicker more efficient way of getting the cleaning work done?

Here are 10 cleaning tips that are not only time saving but will also make your cleaning routine easier for you to spend your time on more fun stuff!


1. Plan your cleaning time:

Plan the work in short 30 minute chunks. Use a timer and set it for half an hour and then power through as much work as possible in that time. By having no or very little distractions means you’ll get as much done as possible in that time.

2. Stick to one room at the time:

If you’re looking to clean your whole house, don’t switch between rooms. Clean one room at the time as this will keep you organized and time efficient.

3. Prepare before you vacuum:

To make vacuuming go faster and easier, make sure to prepare the room by picking up everything from the floor, moving furniture and picking up area rugs. By doing you will move through the room faster and reduce starts and stops that would slow you down.

4. Use your dishwasher:

For all sorts of difficult-to-clean fittings, such as fridge shelves, fans and filters and even oven shelves, use the dishwasher!

5. Use rubber gloves for pet hair:

Pet hair can be a pain but use rubber gloves to wipe off hair on your furniture and then when done, toss it out!

6. Wash on low spin speed:

To reduce wrinkles on your laundry and to help you cut down on ironing time, select a program or reduce the spin speed of your washing machine to at least 800 rpm. Once the cycle has finished shake the clothes out.

7. Organize your sheets

Keep matching sets of sheets and pillowcases folded inside their bed sheets, this will not only take up less room, but you will also save time when it’s time to change your sheets.

8. Clean your wood blinds easy:

Use a damp sock to clean dusty and dirty wood blinds or metal bars in no time. By putting the sock on your hand and using it as a cloth, will make it much easier for you to get it clean. Plus when you’re done, the sock can be easily washed in the washing machine.

9. Newspapers to absorb liquids:

Use your old newspapers by putting them in the bottom of bin bags to absorb any liquids. This will keep the bin clean and less smelly for longer!

10. Let go of perfection: Remember, you are your worst critic!

A home can’t be perfect at all time and what is important is that you enjoy your home and family! Be happy with the cleaning you can get done and if it’s too much, ask for help!


At Videmi Services, we understand that your time is precious and that most people don’t want to spend it on cleaning.

Our team of trained professionals is therefore always briefed about the job so you don’t have to do any supervising!

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