“We don’t teach people to be friendly,
we only hire friendly people.”

A career as a cleaner

VIDeMI is growing. We started in 2014 with a handful of employees to serve our first clients. In 2019, our team has grown to a few dozen employees. We’re all proud of our profession. Teamwork, that’s what it’s all about. We have a lot of fun together, during and also after work. We support each other when needed. This creates a bond and the feeling of respect and trust. That’s what makes working at VIDeMI so special.

We’re ambitious. Whoever joins us has opportunities for growth. We learn from each other, while working and during team meetings. This way a cleaner can be given more responsibility as a supervisor, grow into a team leader and even achieve the highest level, becoming a manager at VIDeMI.

Are you someone who arrives with a big smile? Do you absolutely hate to arrive late somewhere or to miss work? Do you like to go the extra mile? Then you just may be the colleague we’re looking for. Are you interested in a challenging job at VIDeMI? Contact us. We’d like to invite you for a no-obligation meeting.


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