7 signs it’s time to hire a professional house cleaner

Apr 29, 2021

Many of us are used to do all our household cleaning ourselves and the idea of hiring a professional cleaning service might feel like a defeat. Because you want to do it all!

But let’s be honest, there’s really no shame in asking for help. Life can get busier, you might have more or other priorities or maybe it is as simple as you needing a weekend to rest and recharge. Then hiring a professional cleaner could essentially make your home not only cleaner, but also much healthier and peaceful.

Here are the signs that it’s time to hire a professional house cleaner:

1.   You need time for yourself

When work, family, friends, and other commitments creates a cycle where there is no time to rest or recharge, hiring a professional cleaner is an easy solution to create more time during the week. And yes, even if it’s to read, go for a walk or watch Netflix, however you unwind is well needed!

2.   You’re skipping important cleaning tasks

Your dirty dishes are attracting bugs, you need to look for clean clothes or your kids can’t find their backpacks in the morning, then it might be time to call in the pros! When you find yourself skipping cleaning tasks because of time restraints, hiring someone to help will create and healthy and happy home for everyone involved.

3.   You’re sacrificing your health

There are always some weeks where you might get in bed a bit later than wanted after cleaning up, but if you’re constantly giving up sleep, or maybe it is exercise or cooking healthy meals, to keep up with the tasks, it might be time to outsource parts of your to-do list. Let’s face it, it’s all about how you want to spend your time in the end!

4.   You have gone thought a big life change

Whether you have just become a mum, maybe you are busy taking care of an aging parent, or you got that big promotion at work like you wanted, this sudden change in responsibilities or priorities could leave you without time to clean. Having a professional cleaner would then help you feel less stressed during this time of change!

5. You have other priorities

It doesn’t need to be a life changing event that makes you shift your priorities, it could be as easy as a project you’ve been wanting to start for a long time or a hobby you never find time to practice. If your household to-do list never leaves you with any time to spare, hiring a house cleaner would for sure help! This would not only free up your time, but a neat home will also give you more space for hobbies and activities.

6.   You are recovering from an injury or have a serious illness

Cleaning is a physically demanding job and if you are recovering from an injury or you have suffered a serious illness it might not even be physically possible! To be able to focus on your health and to get well, hiring a cleaner to keep your home healthy and neat for you could be a life saver.

7. You really don’t like cleaning

Even thou you might have the time to clean, it is the dead last thing you want to spend your time on! Cleaning is just not for you. If you are one of those people who is looking for excuses not to mop the floor, you could save yourself many hours of aggravation by just hiring a professional cleaning service to do it for you!

Are you just waiting for the sign that gives you permission to go ahead and hiring a professional cleaner?

Well, here it is!
But let’s be honest, you actually don’t need an excuse for hiring a professional house cleaning service!
Whatever your needs are, it can easily be arranged!

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