Top 5 tips to improve cleaning of your vacation rental

Jul 7, 2021

Running your own holiday rental can be a rewarding experience as well as a great investment. But it can also be a challenge! First impressions always count and will impact how your guests start their vacation and what reviews you will receive.

In property reviews, cleanliness is the most commented topic and as potential guests consider previous reviews when booking a rental, it will have a positive or negative impact on your future bookings. This means that the importance of having a high cleanliness standard can’t be ignored!

Based on our experience, here are five tips on how to improve your vacation rental cleaning routines for a higher customer satisfaction:


1. First impression always count

As we said, first impressions count! When the guest arrives at the rental, he will instantly form an impression based on how the entrance and front door are presented, so make sure they are clean and have the gardener tidy up the plants and bushes for an even better impression.

2. It’s in the details

Presentation is key, and things like making sure cushions are neatly “puffed”, bed linen stretched to perfection, towels soft and neatly folded will go a long way. Why not have freshly picked flowers and a bottle of wine presented on arrival with a hand written note to thank the guests for choosing your rental? Things like these will create a great first start on their vacation!

3. Check outside spaces

Remember that cleaning isn’t just for the inside, outside spaces are just as important! Make sure that patios, balconies and gardens are clean. And don’t forget the outside furniture! The charm of being on vacation is to wine and dine outside and you don’t want to do that if it is not clean or inviting.

4. Keep windows clean

On a tropical island like Curacao, the fantastic outside and views are often what guests are most excited about. So make sure they can enjoy them to a maximum! Have all the windows and sliding doors cleaned just before arrival for a great first impression.

5. Provide a cleaning starter pack

To encourage your guests to care for your rental, but also to make it easier for them to enjoy their time, we would recommend leaving a basic starter pack of cleaning supplies such as garbage bags, dish washing liquid, toilet rolls, sponges and kitchen towels.


VIDeMI always goes the extra mile to make sure your guests get a great first impression on arrival! Our experience and attention to details will make sure your vacation rental  is always ready to receive great reviews!

Want to know more on how our cleaning service can improve your holiday rental reviews? Contact us for an intake meeting!