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Dear You, Great to have your attention!

The lockdown has been lifted and you are probably going back to work.

Now more than ever it is important to work and live in a clean space. With the COVID -19 Pandemic , proper hygiene and social distancing have proven to be the best way to avoid the spread of the virus

So this is what you need!

  •  A specialized team for deep cleaning and disinfecting your office, apartment or your home.
  • An ongoing hygiene plan for cleanliness and to keep you safe.
  • Professional cleaners practicing the social distancing guidelines the government has put in place, to make sure you can be at peace when we are taking care of your personal spaces.
Help us so we can help you!

This Pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainties for people in regards to their jobs, not knowing if they will still be employed after this Pandemic blows over. By purchasing a voucher or requesting our services you get the best of both worlds! Your personal space will be sanitized on time and you will help our staff to keep their jobs pass these troubling times.

Request our services now by filling in the form below!

Yes, I would like to help VIDeMI, so VIDeMI can help me.

    After receiving your form we will send you an invoice.
    After receiving your payment you will receive your gift card by email.


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    For more information ,any questions please contact me on +5999 5184275 or email me at mironda@videmiservices.com

    Thank you in advance

    Mironda Deel


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